About Jason Aaron Bragg

chicago-illinois-skyline-skyscrapers-161963Jason Aaron Bragg works in the finance industry in Chicago, IL as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of an alternative asset manager. In his current role, Jason continues to create positive economic impact and long-term value for investors, companies and communities. Jason applies his unparalleled experience and capabilities to deliver effective solutions. As a leader, Jason focuses on creating an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking and inclusion.

For Jason Aaron Bragg, the most rewarding aspect of his career has been the challenge of working with very intelligent people. In this role, Jason has been working alongside people that are dynamic thinkers has challenged him, which has made his work beyond gratifying. Furthermore, being able to see how his firm helps various pensions/endowments and foundations meet their investment return goals has been equally fulfilling.

Prior to his role as CFO, Jason received his Bachelor of Accountancy from New Mexico State University, where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Upon graduation, Jason accepted a position in public accounting at Arthur Andersen where his major focus was on the banking industry and banking system.

As he progressed in his career, Jason Aaron Bragg wanted to take his knowledge of banking to the next level by working for Ernst & Young, where he also started becoming more interested in the stock market system and alternative assets. After three years, Jason was promoted to Manager of Hedge Fund Practice of Assurance and Advisory Services for Ernst & Young, where Jason had the opportunity to speak to various asset managers and broker dealers. Jason assisted in writing the national asset management audit approach for Ernst & Young and also led IPO engagement of clearing broker dealer. In his capacity as a manager, Jason also trained many staff members during his time there, and the department as a whole was able to become more successful in the hedge fund accounting arena. This position allowed Jason to further his knowledge of the finance industry and ultimately pushed him toward his next career move at Citadel Investment Group, LLC.

Citadel Investment Group, LLC is a global leader in hedge funds/alternative asset management, and Jason accepted the role of Functional Business Unit Controller/Senior Associate, Accounting and Finance. While there, Jason served as a functional unit controller for reinsurance, energy trading, and fixed income.